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Renting a private mailbox with Mailpost solves the challenge of receiving mail and packages at home or work, providing safety, security, and convenience. You can access your mailbox 24/7, ensuring that your mail is always available when it's convenient for you. A private mailbox can also enhance your business's professional image, giving you a commercial address to separate your personal and business affairs. Contact us today to explore our mailbox rental options.

  • Use a Street Address instead of a residential address or P.O. Box — More advantageous for both business and personal mail and packages.
  • 24 hour access to your mail — The area where your mailbox is located is well-lit and secure.
  • Free package receiving — We receive deliveries from multiple couriers, such as Post Office, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more, ensuring that you never miss a delivery. Your delivery will be signed for and kept secure until you retrieve it.
  • Free “Mail Check” — Avoid unnecessary trips by calling ahead to check if you have any mail.
  • Email & text notification — Get email or text notifications for important deliveries.
  • Security & Safety — Our mailbox lobby is well-lit and secure at all times, 24/7.
  • Mail Forwarding — We offer on-demand or scheduled forwarding services for your mail when you're away. Anonymity & Privacy — Your information is safe with us.
  • Permanent Address — If you're frequently on the move and tired of your mail following you, we have the solution.
  • Separate your Business from your Personal mail — Having a separate business address is a smart choice if you run a business from home.
  • A private mailbox at Mailpost gives you a genuine street address, improving your business's professional appearance and online visibility.

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